Jessica (jessletimide) wrote in gideonyago,

I know this is committing community suicide but...

Okay, here's the deal. A while back I was bored and decided to write a song about Gideon, maybe it was the lack of sleep but I decided to record it on my digital camera and I was going through the play back and I found it. It happens to be the second song I ever wrote. I'm not too good a guitarist and though I consider myself a good singer I kind of sound like a 12 year old boy on it. Well anyway I figured now that I joined a Gideon community that I would post my Gideon song. Nicely entitled L'eggo my Yago. The sound is atrocious considering it was recored on a digital camera and the lyrics are meant to be silly and taken lightly so please do not dwell on them. But anyway,without further ado just type this copy and paste this ling and you will have it.


I know it's corny as hell but please no overly cruel comments.

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